Wax withdrawn


This Shirley’s not for sale any more ūüė¶

Just following¬†up on¬†the¬†nutty story about this glum (not glam) waxwork…

I didn’t think this would rear its ugly head here any more! But…

Thanks to David for this news.

“Hello there!

It’s those waxworks again! I just spotted this on the Eastern Daily
Press website:

Waxwork head sale withdrawn

31 January 2008

A chance to buy odd lookalikes of Princess Diana, Adam Ant, George Best and Barry Sheen has been withdrawn by the owner of a Norfolk waxwork museum.

Louis Tussauds House of Wax, in Yarmouth, has pulled out of an auction of 70 unwanted replica heads which were due to be sold off on February12 and 13 at Keys in Aylsham.

Peter Hayes, owner of the waxworks, would not comment on why he decided to remove the collection of heads from the auction.

Pity – I quite fancied bidding for the head that was supposedly DSB but looked more like Judy Garland after a night of very heavy drinking! ;-))

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Good news, David. If they melt it down they could burn Shirley’s candle at both ends.


Com’√® Piccolo Il Mondo



You DSB fans are fabulous!

 On 29th January there was a one minute clip of a rare Italian vinyl 45rpm record.

The 1969 single:

Com’√® Piccolo Il Mondo

Issued by United Artists UA3162. Recorded and pressed in Italy.

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I appealed to anyone who may have the whole beautiful song.

Immediately one fan kindly sent a music file.

And today another superfan has added it to YouTube, with a slide show.

We now have a full length copy of this gorgeous Italian work of art.

It’s a hidden Dame Shirley Bassey classic.

What a SCOOP for this blog!

Up to now this song was almost unknown except to ardent collectors.

Now it can be shared by fans everywhere…

Enjoy this song, which has a Goldfinger-esque coda…



Madonna is richest


Madonna is the richest female recording artist according to Forbes.com’s list of the top 20 “Cash Queens of music” earning ¬£36 million between June 2006 and June 2007.¬†

The pop star’s “Confessions” world tour pulled in ¬£130 million Forbes said.

She also made money from album sales, her fashion line with H&M and a deal with the NBC network to broadcast her concert performance at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Forbes.com said it compiled the list by examining concert grosses, merchandising revenue, album sales and other revenue from clothing lines, fragrance deals and endorsements.

Barbra Streisand is second with £30 million, thanks to her comeback tour.

Celine Dion ranks third with ¬£22.5 million, largely from her successful “A New Day” show in Las Vegas, which she wrapped up in December after a five-year engagement at Caesar’s Palace.

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Dame Shirley Bassey isn’t listed.

For the big bucks¬†perhaps it’s time¬†for a DSB fragrance deal, a season¬†in Las Vegas, a new album, and a super lucrative new tour.¬†

Thousands of frantic fans in Europe, North America, Asia and Downunder would pack those arena.


With The Drifters


No photo with Dame Shirley this time, but here’s a video of The Drifters appearing on Shirley’s 1979 TV show…

Kissin’ In The Back Row Of The Movies


Thanks to Scot

The Drifters are a long-lived American doo wop/R&B vocal group, originally formed by Clyde McPhatter (of Billy Ward & the Dominoes) in 1954.

Over the years there have been personnel changes and law suits, but the group name is thriving in its current incarnation…