Happy 2008 from DSB


Thanks to Superfan Peter for this good news… 

 “Hi Peggy,

Happy New Year!  Hope you had a great Christmas.

Have you seen this rather exciting DSB status update on Dame Shirley’s myspace profile?


‘Shirley Bassey and Camp DSB wish everyone a Happy New Year. Thank you for your love and support during 2007. The DSB party continues in 2008!!Mood: excited  ‘

If 2008 is even half as good as 2007, it will be a non-stop PARTY!

All the best,

New Single download


Just a gentle reminder about accessing the new single…

You can download it easily from Camp DSB  official website.


… and listen to free samples of all fab four remixes.

Two vocals and two instrumentals.

Buy your favourite track, or all four, at Very Little Spender prices.

(It’s also available for download from iTunes)

This Is My Life


A classic performance of This Is My Life.

You’ve probably seen it before, but on New Years Day we can indulge.

Please click here to return to Antwerp in 1990

Thanks to turbohotboy

Best Goldfinger


Let’s get this year started right now!

Hope your hangover can cope with a sparkling blast of gold and feathers.

 Thanks to Ivan for this video from An Audience With.

Is this the best, the most defining Goldfinger ever? Click here