(Non-DSB) Yvonne Fair


(Non-DSB) This message arrived from Sandra, about Yvonne Fair (above) and her intense, soulful song from 1975:

“It Should Have Been Me”

“Dear Peggy and everyone at the Blog and DSB Camp – Happy 2008 !I was watching the Vicar of Dibley over the weekend and heard a great song called It should have been me. I found out that a singer called Yvonne Fair had sung it, although I think it was orginally a Motown song. I also found out sadly that she died at the young age of 51 (not sure of the reason).I know it is not DSB, but I can imagine the Dame singing it, because of her life experiences in that it could have been her !

Would you mind posting it and asking fans whether they could see the great Dame belting out this, I for sure can ? How lucky we are that our Dame is in good health.

Thanks Peggy,

Happy New Year

Sandra x”

Click here for the Vicar of Dibley comedy scene featuring the song

Click here for the song by Yvonne

Thanks Sandra, it’s out for the fans to vote!

I think the song and raucous style is more Tina than Shirley, but that’s open to the opinion of all fans.

Comments welcome – What do you think?

More information here on Wikipedia’s page about Yvonne Fair