Wedding in Vegas


Just a quick follow-up to that lovely wedding photo added here on 3rd January…

Many fans have been delighted with the photo and have been asking about the location.

It was in Las Vegas.


Here’s some feedback…

From Hope:

“Just loved that precious photo of Shirley at her wedding to Sergio.
She looks absolutely beatific, serene, and quietly joyful. I remember
reading that both of her daughters were there with them at the

 From Gary:

“Shirley looked very happy and extra beautiful in the 1968 wedding
photo. Was that in Las Vegas? I wonder if she was performing there?
Do you know what became of Sergio, after they were divorced? From
what I have read, he seems like he was a decent guy. He looked very
tall. Shirley is probably about 5′ 4″ in heels and “big hair”?
Shirley did a lot of great shows and recordings during those years.
I especially like her TV shows. DVD’s should be made of these.”

Does anyone know what Sergio is up to these days?

Thanks again to Astrid for the striking image of the happy couple.

 Incredibly 40 years ago.