Get better soon Nikki


Nikki Lamborn, the lead singer in Never The Bride, is in hospital for surgery.

It’s expected she’ll be back on stage at the end of February.

Nikki is a gifted composer, and co-wrote The Living Tree with Catherine Feeney.


After DSB, she’s one of the best female singers, in the rock style. A stunning performer.

Also the nicest rock chick you could meet. A fabulous talent, a fabulous personality.

Please get better soon, Nikki. Eveyone loves you.


Tall and short


This doesn’t matter, and I’m not being Heightist…

But we have an answer from Bigspendah on the heights of Sergio and Shirley…


“Re someone’s query on The Blog, Shirley is 5′ 3″ and Sergio is 6′ 5 1/2″ (don’t know how you do a half!) – that’s six foot five and a half!”
Thanks Biggie!
Shirley would not be Shirley if she was a great big woman.
She could be a Valkyrie in Wagner! Imagine that. Viking helmet and all 🙂
Brunhildr Bassey and  Sigrdrifa Kylie in new gowns by Odin MacDonald 🙂
 # Big girls don’t cry #

7 The Greatest Performance


Part 7 the final part of a sequence of videos from the 1995 TV programme An Audience With Shirley Bassey

The Greatest Performance Of My Life

Thanks to Pieter

6 As Long As He Needs Me / I Am What I Am


Above: In the wardrobe, i.e. warehouse 2003 just before the Christie’s charity auction


Part 6 of An Audience with Shirley Bassey

As Long As He Needs Me & I Am What I Am

Thanks to Pieter