Over 80,000 hits


Hi, and thanks to everyone for getting this blog up to 80,000+ hits.

That’s the number of visitors who have stuck around and looked at stuff since September – not just the number of quick browses. The old system apparently clocked up every visit. The day after Glastonbury the statisitics surged to over 70,000.

Not bad for an ordinary fan more at home in Tesco than Tiffany!

Thanks specially to all you fans who visit daily. It’s fun to get Something Shirley every day.

DSB fans really are the best. I love hearing from you and try to reply to everyone … I’m friendly!

Like DSB herself we’re all survivors. It’s been touching to hear from the fans who have been inspired by her wonderful songs during times of personal difficulties, sadness and tragedy. And the joy Shirley brings to millions in better times.

As always, this is as much your blog as mine. Please keep sending your photos, memories, comments and anything DSB-related.