Los Angeles speculation


Fans are wondering what DSB is doing in Los Angeles at the moment.

Speculation abounds!

Rumours are running rife!

Tinsel Town is the world centre for the entertainment business, as everyone knows.

Could Dame Shirley be planning a tour, or some concerts, in the USA?

That would be a dream for the armies of American fans.

Las Vegas? The Carnegie Hall or other venue in New York City? Or a show in LaLa Land?

Television work?

Talks with DECCA over new studio recordings or distribution deals?

Or maybe DSB’s just on holiday with her grandchildren? The original Disneyland in Anaheim is great fun. Like most people they adore Disney.

Who knows? As always our enigmatic superstar keeps nosey fans guessing!

In 2007 the clues were there too.  There were early rumours about Glastonbury. This blog gave details about getting tickets in March. It was officially confirmed much later.

My ‘spies’ in Los Angeles are on alert for anything in the local media… watch this space, folks!

Flowers by…

This is the last page in an 8 pages report on the party

It might be best to start with ‘Eyewitness party’ and work forwards


All the floral artistry for the party, including 1,000 red roses, by –

Rob Van Helden Floral Design Limited

Based in Battersea for 20 years, this top designer is one of the best in London.


For example, Rob has provided flowers for celebrity events such as Elton John’s extravagant charity fund-raising parties, David and Victoria Beckham’s party, Royal weddings, Pierce Brosnan’s wedding, and Claudia Schiffer’s wedding.


Interview with Rob on Wedding TV:


Disco by…


Guy Stevens Disco

Guy provided the discotheque at Joan Collins wedding reception.

He’s an upmarket black-tie DJ who packs dance floors.

More info on this link


Guy, Joannie and Percy

Cake by…


Dame Shirley’s enormous Birthday Cake was made (engineered?) by… 


Eric Lanlard

Top cake boy!

http://www.savoirdesign.com/ (music)