Backlit Bassey


Wembley 2006 and Ivan took a series of dazzling images.

He was standing at Dame Shirley’s feet to get this backlit effect from a stage light.

We discovered today that I was about two metres/yards from Ivan, who had travelled from Italy to see the concert.

More dazzlers to come!

1963 Ebony magazine


Ebony, a monthly magazine for the African American market, was founded by John H. Johnson and has been published since 1945.

The early issues often featured celebrities such as Lena Horne on its covers. Constantly upbeat, like its generic contemporary Life, it covered African-American issues, personalities, and interests in a positive light.

 In the March 1963 edition, Dame Shirley appeared on the cover, with an article about a British girl starring in America.

Thanks to Gary. 

To read the full article CLICK HERE

Happy landings

Here’s a novelty

A film of airliners landing safely, to the song This Is My Life…

If you’re a nervous flier like me, the lyric

  # Let me live, let me live #

 is relevant to the whole flight!


DSB after a less-than-perfect helicopter landing in June 2007

Concert in gold


Oh My! Will you look at this?

A blaze of gold. Now that’s showmanship!

Thanks again to Rien