Dino and Dicky in LA

2008 is not the first time DSB has visited Los Angeles

Here’s the diva with Dino…

on his TV show January 17th 1967


Dean Martin adored her, and wrote:

“To Shirley – Who makes every note sound like a rainbow…”


In the Cocoanut Grove nightclub with Richard Nixon.

Well before his Presidency in 1969, landslide re-election in 1972, Watergate and resignation in 1974.


At an unidentified airport (not LAX because BEA never flew there)

Thanks to Gary for these great memories.

Such Is Life in 1955


Copyright : Mirrorpix 

Shirley posing with her 19th birthday cake at the Adelphi Theatre, The Strand in London’s West End

8th January 1955

Taken backstage during the run of a variety show called Such Is Life

Presented by Jack Hylton

Thanks to Gary for this excellent piece of memorabilia

And there just happens to be an original show programme up for auction on eBay, ending 20th January


Link to the eBay page

Note the monkey on the cake and the Right Monkey cartoon on the programme

This was the catch phrase of Al Read, a popular comedian of the time

More about Al, here on his Wikipedia page



Jack Hylton was a band leader and impresario, important in promoting Shirley’s early career

Here’s a link to his official web site:


Jack said shortly before his death in 1965: “I’d have it all over again… the same lot with the same errors and the same successes.”

You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet 1


Part 1: S’Wonderful and Nobody Does It Like Me

Thank to Pieter


Broadcast by HTV in 1985

Available on VHS but not on DVD

Many fans will already have this super video in your collection

Do you wish, like me, that ITV could digitally remaster it onto DVD?


HTV was Harlech Television, the ITV franchise for Wales and parts of the west of England

It has since been rebranded and is now known as ITV1 Wales and ITV1 West, based in Cardiff and Bristol

Under the drier


A vintage shot of Shirley paying the price for perfect grooming

Under the torture machine i.e. salon hair dryer

Big enough for Homer Simpson’s Marge 🙂


“Lend me your dryer, Shirley!”


Newspaper cutting from Rien

The Simpsons Copyright : FOX