DSB Liverpool 2001


Concert Review
From a Liverpool Local Newspaper, Jul 16 2001

Shirley Bassey is one of the few artists of world calibre who are more sensational live than on recordings.
A Superstar who is neither too prim nor precious to party with her fans. It was obvious from the moment she twinkled onto the Kings Dock stage in silver-sequined halter neck dress and drop earrings, and with a monster knuckle-duster diamond on her right hand, that she was also out for a good time. Apart from the unique voice, powered by lungs to rival cathedral organ bellows, it’s the actress in Bassey which makes her performance so utterly riveting. As the melody flows, she eventually manoeuvres those slender, endlessly extending arms and flexing fingers to point above her head where she appears to be a singing Statue of Liberty.It’s a lesson in theatrical triumphalism that today’s one-hit wonders cannot hope to match!The Diva from Tiger Bay with the 100-yard projecting smile, has honed each and every note and syllable of her repertoire so she can take any song by any other artist and claim it as her own property. Witness the Doors’ Light My Fire, Patsy Cline’s Crazy, and even the Beatles’ anthem Hey Jude.

The latter nearly blasted the top off the 4,000 seater Big Top, as Liverpool lustily responded with the repeated chorus.

But there are Bassey songs that are so firmly possessed that trespassers risk prosecution – like the James Bond titles Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever, plus Big Spender and Something.

And there is something in the way she moves, sexily teasing the audience with a show of leg to the hip and then throwing them red carnations.


Taken from Ed’s archive. Thank you Andrew for typing off this article.