Malaysia flowers

It must be him
 Another follow-up, folks! This chases the page “Message from Malaysia“ dated 13th January

From Pieter, here is a picture of superfan Terence Lee nervously giving DSB those flowers as he described, and later in the audience at the Cardiff concert.



Pieter said ” I will upload the Cardiff International Arena concert after the St. David’s Hall concert is finished.

By coincidence I also did an item about China yesterday for YouTube. Here is the link (Non-DSB and in Dutch, about a trip to Shanghai):

For now all the best and have a wonderful Shirley-week!

Pieter xxx ”

Thank you Pieter, it’s great when fans can help each other. Terence will be pleased to see the pix.

From the Netherlands to Malaysia via England. We are an international community of music lovers who can all speak fluent Bassey 🙂



Terence has just replied today…

“Dear Peggy , I am so surprised that you can “capture” me like that!Thank you very much……will be sending you the pics that the Dame sent me soon.You are astonishing!Best wishes