Los Angeles speculation 2


On January 9th us nosey, obsessive fans were wondering what DSB might be doing in Los Angeles.

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Well, of course we still don’t know!

The best guess so far comes from a fan in California.

Dame Shirley might have gone to Tinsel Town because Goldfinger is being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame being telecast from LA on February 10th, 8 pm et/pt CBS.

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Producers of the Grammy Awards have requested an interim agreement that would allow striking Hollywood writers to work on next month’s telecast.

That’s at the Staples Center in LA.  

Just a wild guess.



Come to think of it, the Staples Center is just the kind of arena that DSB could fill 🙂

Now that really is wild speculation.

 Or maybe the trip is just a vacation.

Tommy Trinder


Gary has kindly sent an image of Shirley with comedian Tommy Trinder (1956).

I believe that she is wearing the same gown that is in the pictures on the Blog saying that the date and location are unknown.

Maybe this is a clue?

Oh, I did notice in the Tommy Trinder image that Shirley had a missing tooth.

I noticed that when I was watching her in a documentary on YouTube performing “Burn My Candle”. No big deal. She looked great anyway. ”

Thanks Gary. Shirley had that tooth fixed a long time ago, and has a perfect Hollywood Smile!


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Tommy Trinder CBE (1909-1989) was a stage, screen and radio comedian.

He was one of the best-loved comedians in Britain during the period from the late 1930s, until the 1960s.

He was fast-talking and quick-witted, remembered for his well-timed stand up jesting in front of a live audience.

This Is My Life – Italy

Thanks to Kevin for finding this wonderful old video… and taking the trouble to share it with us.

“Dear Peggy,

I am sure you trawl YouTube regularly like the rest of us Shirely Bassey devotees but in case you missed it, here is a real gem :

 A very early TV studio recording of This is My Life.

She was already a big star by the time of this performance but looking at it now there is no surprise at all that she became a mega star and is still performaing over 40 years later.

 We are blessed to be alive on this earth at the same time as this woman.

Please share with the readers of your blog.



A super link to the (thankfully) preserved RAI UNO recording, Kevin, and a super tribute to our favourite Dame!