(Non-DSB) Ladette To Lady


(Non-DSB) Liz Brewer, DSB’s expert party organiser, is also an expert in an entertaining reality TV series starting Tuesday.

Ladette To Lady

The idea is to transform eight of Britain’s most extreme Ladettes into respectable Ladies at a boarding school.

The term Ladette refers to a female incarnation of the uncultured male ‘lad’ stereotype. 


Liz Brewer wrote
“Make no mistake those St Trinians girls  are nothing compared to these 8 which were a complete horror story and I have to admit filming this latest series knocked me for six!
First time I encountered a mutiny and thought I would be the one to suffer expulsion.
For those game enough to watch this series…….. I  forewarn you with a major Red Alert.
I understand I am apparently totally acidic,  however by the fifth week this process seems to produce miracles!!

For those who dare… 





Tuesday 22nd January on ITV 1 from 9:00pm to 10:00pm then every Tuesday for five weeks….
New series. Eggleston Hall reopens its doors to more loudmouthed young women with a taste for beer, boys and binge drinking, as the staff attempt to transform them into confident, charming ladies. The inelegant eight’s efforts to get to grips with the basics of becoming a lady result in skinny-dipping, food fights and stripping, while one chirpy ladette is sent packing before the first official expulsion.