New Ice GTPS link


Probably “the biggest DSB moment this year so far”

 was the use of Get The Party Started in the opening of Dancing On Ice.

The skating competition that attracts 10 million viewers.

A video link was added here on 14th January  but ITV Productions Ltd have closed the YouTube copy with a copyright claim.

But you can still watch it on ITV’s web site. You might need to download their player software.

The picture quality is inferior to the YouTube version.

Scroll down to SHOW HIGHLIGHTS / Fire and ice / Torvill & Dean open show one / Then click on PLAY – Good luck!

(It takes a while to download and you need to sit through an advert, but it’s worth the wait)


# I’m your operator you can call any time # 



(Non-DSB) Ladette to Lady 2


This page is just a follow-up to (Non-DSB) Ladette to Lady page dated 17th  (Click here to revisit that page)

Oops I nearly typed Ladette to LAY 🙂 

Shirley’s great friend, Liz Brewer, will be on THIS MORNING on Tuesday 22nd.

 Talking about the reality TV programme, which will be broadcast that night at 9 pm on ITV 1.

Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield present This Morning.

Tuesday 22nd January on ITV 1 from 10:30am to 12:30pm

I’m delighted to give this a plug because L2L is going to be worth watching.

If anyone can teach good manners, thoughtful care for others and social behaviour, Liz can!




Somehow / Greatest Performance


Formal introductions are not required at this party…

Please click on the link to enjoy DSB at full power

Thanks to Pieter

San Francisco Art


…an image of a beautiful poster titled “The History of Shirley Bassey”

 by Craig Nelson

 From the website for the San Francisco Art Exchange.

Here’s a sharpened version:

Thanks to Gary