CIA 1994 Part 1

Goldfinger & Diamonds Are Forever

Join us at the Cardiff International Arena in September 1994

The lights dim. The excitement builds. The stage turns into gold as Mike Alexander’s orchestra strikes up the fanfare…

Suddenly a bright gold light streams out of the centre stage, dazzling the audience…

The arena erupts into hysteria as a figure appears in an elegant gown. We are all ready for a wonderful evening.

Fortunately this was recorded by the BBC in good quality video and audio.

Reproduced on YouTube with care by Pieter.

Sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy these opening and familiar songs… The show has begun!

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The brown gown was used in a poster to advertise the Cardiff Castle concert a year later…


Calling Terence Lee!

Terence is a fan who travels from Malaysia to see DSB in Britain.

He’s one of the many fans in Asia who love Dame Shirley.

Terence is also a regular and welcome visitor to this blog…

He is often Beckoned in to my Web of, er, Fun!

Terence wrote about his moment of panic at Cardiff, where he had a bouquet to present.

He got up from his seat right at the beginning of the concert because he couldn’t stand the tension of waiting for the right moment.

Many of us know exactly how he felt. There’s other people in the row to bother, and the ever increasing wall of security guards to fight through!

(In 2006 they confiscated, or rather stole, flowers from people in the audience to stop them going forward to DSB. That was upsetting to the fans involved, and I’m sure Shirley would have disapproved.)

Anyway, Terence wrote about his experience on :

13th January Message From Malaysia 

and Pieter found a screenshot of the experience, posted on:

15th January Malaysian Flowers

Now Terence, you’ll be able to see your moment of glory on the video on the next page.

You’re on for five seconds! From about 0.42 seconds into the show.

I remember it well from row 14 at the Cardiff International Arena…

Italian Big Spender

Ciao Spender Grande…

Have you heard Big Spender in Italian before?

Raffaella Carrà. a long-legged hot blonde, performs a well choreographed version for your entertainment.

Certainly not DSB, and nowhere near the Dame of course. But worth a peek…


Raffaella Carrà (in Italy often simply known as la Carrà and in some Latin American countries as Raffaella), is an Italian TV hostess, singer, dancer and actress. She is especially popular in her native country and in Spain and Latin America where during the past decades she has hosted numerous popular TV shows.

World’s worst waxworks


Believe it or not, these gruesome waxworks are supposed to be Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey!

They are up for sale in Great Yarmouth, UK by a notoriously bad wax museum. These two heads are not the worst!

Wait till you see their Prince Charles!

For all the details, visit the Daily Telegraph’s article – click here

Now to save you from having nightmares, and to restore sanity, here’s DSB unveiling her much less spooky waxwork at Madame Tussauds.