Los Angeles Speculation 5

More from our friends in California.

For any of you who may be interested in the Grammys story, following on from previous pages this month…

Here is the best way to follow this Grammy thing and any recording industry news:


The Grammy broadcast is on Feb. 10, but the Hall of Fame awards are on Feb. 9.

I don’t recall if this was broadcast, but I am checking.”


(Non-DSB) Here is a link to an outstanding performance at the 1986 Grammys:

Whitney Houston, singing “One Moment In Time”


Whitney at her best.

Don’t miss it, folks.

It shows that the Grammys would be a good platform for DSB.

It would certainly be a huge boost to her profile in the USA.

We live in hope! It may all come to nothing.

I Will Survive


Another work of art from Ivan.  Our resident Michelangelo in Rome!

He has put together a new video of DSB’s I Will Survive from the Get The Party Started album.

Skilfully combining still and moving images from glorious Glastonbury with graphics.  

It isn’t on YouTube yet.

How to watch the vid…

Please visit Ivan’s site, all in Italiano.


Then scroll down to the Muveemix player screen and click play.

I can’t figure out how to see it in full screen.

When Ivan adds it to YouTube that will be added here. 


Bassey or Babs?


Who has sold most records shirley bassey or barbra streisand?

It is estimated that both Artists have sold between 100 and 200 Million Records. Shirley Bassey’s actual count is a little harder to approximate because she has held recording contracts with quite a few different companies, including major worldwide companies like Columbia, United Artists and now Universal/Decca, and also several minor labels. Wikipedia places Streisand on the list ranked higher with more sales, but when you look at the entire list of rankings which also includes other minor league artists who somehow are also high on the list, there is sufficient reason for some doubt regarding who and how the actual rankings are determined. With this said, both artists have been major players in the music industry for many, many decades.
Personally, I think it’s Dame Shirley. But then I would!

Miss Rochdale


Entertaining the audience at Rochdale Town Hall 1957

Continuing this month’s theme of jolly memorabilia… 

Link to an interesting event that Shirley was at in 1957:

Please click here to read the Rochdale Observer’s article about the  happy days of local Beauty Pageants

Before the ‘politically correct’ destroyed the harmless community fun of contests.

Miss World and similar pageants are extremely popular in many countries, often a boost to the contestants’ confidence and careers.

Shame on the misdirected UK  PC brainwashers for making us believe they are uncool.

Miss World – The Final is the world’s largest live annual television event with global viewers topping two billion in more than 200 countries. Except the UK!

The Miss World Organization has raised more than £250 million for children’s charities.