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Feb-07-08 07:04:57 PST

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“Paul Daniels Posters

Over a period of 30 years Paul Daniels (for more information visit collected posters of anyone and anything to do with magic and magicians. In the vast majority of cases they were then preserved by having all the natural acids taken out of the paper and then they were mounted on either archival paper or cloth. Cloth was normally used on the larger posters.

Even some modern posters went through this process as Paul believed that they were the ‘history’ for the future.

All this work was carried out by the United Kingdom’s greatest archivists, the Public Records Office (they worked on the Doomsday Book) and therefore the starting price of even the most mundane of posters reflects the fact that you are buying ‘paper’ that will last for a very long time indeed.

Tommy Cooper and Shirley Bassey

What a show this must have been. Shirley Bassey, one of the UK’s greatest ever singing stars AND Tommy Cooper, the most famous of the UK’s comedy magic clowns! This show ran for a VERY long season at the Prince of Wales Theatre and Tommy’s act in this show was the basis for the recent play about him. The show is described as being ‘Gay’. How times change.”