Goldfinger Weekend


Read the book – see the movie – hear the song!


Welcome to the weekend when the song Goldfinger is honoured.

It is being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, as previously reported here,

at  a ceremony on 10th February in Los Angeles.



All DSB fans know this 1964 James Bond theme song – backwards!

It’s the song that projected her to international recognition.

Click here for the original recording, complete with that long final note…

Audio only, with graphics.

Thanks to Billourdes


Chevrolet Corvette


16th March 1959 in her cool new ‘Vette

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Amy offered Bond


According to an article in’s celebrity gossip pages:

Amy Winehouse has been offered the chance to write and sing the next James Bond but on the condition she stays off drugs.

DSB fans need a quantum of solace at this news!

Click here for the Handbag story 

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NEW GTPS SoundScape Remix



Above : Glasto wellies 2007



Hot new mix by  VJ Tom Yaz

Received from Ivan: 

“I’ve found this on YouTube…. I think it’s great!”

Please click on this link:

Grazie, Ivan.

I think it’s great too, and so should most fans!
 Clever co-ordination with the original video

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