Goldfinger Weekend 2

To celebrate the song’s induction tomorrow into the Grammy Hall Of Fame…

It’s a solid gold weekend here!

A triple dose of joy – The Grammys, GTPS climbing a Billboard dance chart, and it’s my 29th birthday tomorrow 🙂

Just send gold. I love only gold.

Please click here to watch that gilded digit song again, 2005 Royal Variety Performance, Cardiff


Spectacular night exterior of the concert hall in Cardiff


“Do you ekshpect me to talk?”

“No Meester Bond. I expect you to die!”

(Thinksh: Where’s Mish Funnyfanny when you need her?)


In the Billboard charts



DSB is back where she belongs – in the charts.

This report from Reuters tells you all:

“Forty years after Welsh vocal powerhouse Shirley Bassey first hit the Billboard Hot 100, she is back on a Billboard chart as her cover of Pink’s “Get the Party Started” climbs the Hot Dance Club Play list.

The rebound underlines the strength of her latter-day club and gay audiences, and provides the ideal aperitif to the March 18 U.S. Decca release of an album with the same title.

Of her durable international celebrity, Bassey says, “I didn’t mind becoming famous because I did it gradually. Probably that’s why I’m still here.”

Read the full report by clicking here

Copyright : Reuters/Billboard

By Paul Sexton

With Charles Conrad


While on location in Florida with the BBC filming her TV series, Dame Shirley visited Cape Canaveral.

She met Charles Conrad, a true moonraker.


Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr. (1930 – 1999), was an American astronaut and the third man to walk on the Moon.

He also described himself as the first man to dance on the Moon.

He served on Gemini 5 and 11, Apollo 12, and Skylab 2 missions.

He died in a motorcycle accident.


“If you can’t be good, be colorful.” – Personal motto

“Whoopie! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that’s a long one for me.”

— as he stepped onto the lunar surface for the first time.


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