Poster auction result



The poster mentioned here on 6th February was sold for £42

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If you are the winner, please let us know!

Of special interest is the fact that it was sold by Paul Daniels.

Dam Shirley invited him as a guest on one of her TV shows, and a video was included here on page dated 27th January.

Click here to see that page and enjoy seeing them larking about together.

Here’s an extract from Paul’s current eBay page:

Paul Daniels Magic Auction

Oddities are my Speciality

” In the coming months I intend to clear out my home and my two warehouses of all the funny bits and pieces to do with magic and its allied arts. I hope you enjoy the peculiar items that I will be placing on eBay.

Yes, it is me! This probably sounds conceited, but it isn’t. It is just that every time I sell an item somebody sends an email asking ‘are your the real Paul Daniels?’ I am putting this here to hopefully save me some work in replying! “