Goldfinger Weekend 3



Goldfinger is one of the 100 best movie soundtracks.

The Telegraph has compiled a list.


From ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ to ‘Some Like it Hot’, from Mozart and Wagner to Rodgers & Hammerstein… the Sunday Telegraph presents cinema’s greatest scores.

This feature appears in the special Bafta issue of Seven magazine, free with this week’s Sunday Telegraph.

Another triumph on Goldfinger Weekend 🙂

John Barry, 1964

“So perfectly judged are all John Barry’s Bond scores that they could fill half this list. But this, performed by Shirley Bassey, is surely The One.”

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Goldfinger appeas on their continuation page 3.

The whole feature makes a good Sunday read.

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This link was kindly sent by Peter, who adds:

“It is only The One because Dame Shirley is The One!”



“Why didn’t they write a song for me?”

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