Polyester fan


Here’s a good, well-written tribute to DSB from Polyester Junction’s blog.

So good I’ve copied it here:

“I have very recently discovered You Tube (I know…I know…I always come late to the party) and, as a result, have rediscovered the immense talent that is Dame Shirley Bassey.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this outrageously talented woman, she is a Welsh singer who has had a career spanning some 50 years. There are still people in the states who don’t know her but I can’t imagine anyone in Europe not knowing the voice of three James Bond films that include Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker.
Her voice is huge….HUGE and she just turned 71 last month! Take a look at this beautiful woman. She seems to defy age and time and everything we’re told we’re supposed to be and look like at a certain age. Don’t be mistaken, she works out and who knows how many years she’s been doing so but the photos speak for themselves.
She has remade the Pink song “Get The Party Started” and the whole concept for the video is incredible! Check it out on You Tube and if you don’t already know her, introduce your ears to the moving, controlled, immense, intense voice of Dame Shirley Bassey. “