La Vita


1968 San Remo record cover

(audio only) Please click here for La Vita sung in Italian and English


This is the record that was immediately released for the Italian
market because, although Shirley did not win the Festival, the press
thought she should have and the people adored her (I read this).

There is reference to San Remo 1968 on the sleeve as a reminder that this was the song that she performed at the Festival.

As most fans know, La Vita was translated into English as the song This Is My Life.

Picture this


Louis wants a diva


“X Factor judge, Louis Walsh, is hoping for a strong female presence on the judging panel for future series, and he’s definitely aiming high!


According to The Mirror, Louis wants to see the likes of Mariah Carey, Shirley Bassey or Diana Ross critiquing the contestants.”


Can you imagine DSB as an X Factor judge?

She would be brilliant.


Shirley would speak the truth.

Although she might be too nice!

(Non-DSB) Help Leona win


Dec 2007 cover


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