Great hair day


Above: beautiful bride with beautiful hair


May I introduce superfan and superstylist Jean-Francois…on TV.

It’s amazing just how many DSB fans are talented and artistic in their own way.

Perhaps the Dame attracts and inspires creative people. Artists, musicians, singers, computer whiz kids, composers, decorators, tribute acts, dancers, DJs, stained glass crafts, painters, charities, and other wonderful fans write to me daily.

And now – a fan I adore, Jean-Francois.

He’s a mega fan who bought the Pigalle Gown, had it professionally restored and displayed on a mannequin in the lobby of his beautiful New York apartment. This has all been on the blog before.

J-F was thrilled to meet Dame Shirley at Christie’s and enjoy a personal chat.

He sends me loads of memorabilia to brighten this blog.

Here’s a link to his guest appearance on New York’s BETTER.TV channel, as a top celebrity hair stylist…

Check out this video titled “Bridal Hairstyle Trends”

It plays automatically after a short download time.

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