Starburst gown



The Black Starburst Gown

(Christie’s catalogue Lot 5 Item B, also in various tour programmes of the 80’s and 90’s)

This is the second gown in Dame Shirley’s collection designed by Murray Arbeid, who made many gowns for Princess Diana in the 1980’s.

This gown was designed in 1986, it consists of a beautiful full skirt of black net and a strapless bodice decorated throughout with stars of silver glitter, the full skirt is graduated to a train at the back.

I remember Dame Shirley wearing this gown at the Royal Variety Show in 1987, it looked stunningly effective and very light to move in.

I call it Dame Shirley’s ‘I will go to the Ball-gown’!

We would love to hear from the lucky person who bought this gown at the auction. Maybe they pop it on for a trip round Tesco!

The final price for Lot 5 was £7,000

From Ian – this blog’s wonderful Gown Guru!

During the actual auction, Dame Shirley quipped that this was the dress she had met the Queen in.

“I bowed, curtsied and grovelled…!”

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