Space cadet, beach babe

The wonderful Dutch fan Rien and his lovely wife Iet often send me the most remarkable photos.

The following were obviously taken a few years ago. They look like they were at NASA in Cape Canaveral and possibly on holiday in the Mediterranean Sea at Sardinia.

If you have better information please send!

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We love wellies


A little plug for the essential fashion accessory for DSB fans!

Please visit the We Love Wellies blog, from Funky Wellington Boots.

The small business that I’m always pleased to promote.

They make personalised diamante encrusted wellies like the pair DSB wore at Glastonbury.


Plus there is a permanent link on this blog to Funky Wellington Boots.

See it listed in the far left column under Shopping Links.

 They are very nice people and DSB fans.

This footwear is practical and perfect for the British climate. Walking the dog, going to outdoor events, gardening or joining the crowd at music festivals this summer.

Be like the Dame. Go for glam gumboots.

Stamp in the puddles!