Spanish Concert

An excellent 1988 concert on Spanish TV

Part 1 Almost Like Being in Love / La Pasión Que Nos Devora

Part 2 Volverás / I (Who Have Nothing)

Thanks to Pieter


Es muy bueno…


La Mujer is an album in Spanish. It was recorded in this studio in Spain:

The Living Tree


 Knock-Em-Dead STUNNING Vocals …


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(Non-DSB) E.S. Posthumus



Another welcome message from Hope. This time it’s a link to some exquisite modern orchestral music…


Was wondering if you would listen to “Nara”, an instrumental from the group E.S. Posthumus. It’s been around since 2000 and has been used for various movie trailers (currently for “The Other Bolelyn Girl” with Natalie Portman & Scarlett Johansson) and also for the series “Cold Case”.

You can find it

…and it plays as soon as the screen comes up. It’s very dramatic, and with the right lyrics I’ve long thought that Shirley could sing the h— out of it!…..Please let me know what you think.

Warmest Regards,


Thank you Hope, I think that most DSB fans would follow your thinking. These sweeping chords could back some stunning lyrics, with a beautiful DSB result.

What do you, dear valued visitor, think?


American TV this week


With The Propellerheads

 A message from my friend Hope in Los Angeles.

She’s our Superfan in LaLaLand!

It’s only a little thing, but any appearance on American TV increases DSB’s profile:

“Was surprised and delighted to hear Shirley’s voice coming out of the TV last night on a commercial run during the American Idol telecast.

The commercial was for a new TV series about a man who has been alive for 400 years (still in his youthful, handsome state because he once saved an American Indian woman’s life and was given a “blessing” to keep him alive)…..So there was Shirley singing her “History Repeating” as he went about his 21st century life being a modern detective! It was perfect.

The show is called “New Amsterdam”, probably because the lead male was once a Dutch soldier when he saved the woman’s life 400 yrs before……