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My talented and artistic friend Ivan, who lives in Rome, has enriched my blog with his beautiful images and links.

He has developed a lovely DSB blog (in Italian) and I encourage every fan to pay him a visit.

Ivan created the new banner here, and will create new ones for me every month or two in future.


Enjoy la vita Italiana here:

Ivan says he will post messages on the Message Board (see yesterday’s page) and you can bet he will be good fun!

NME cover


1950s front page of the New Musical Express, a pop music magazine that is still going strong.

Even though it’s been revamped and reinvented a few times.

A bit like the young lady they feature!

Thanks to Gary

Diamonds on Saturday


Cover of 1998 Diamond Tour Programme

FILM: Diamonds Are Forever

 ITV1 London at 17:15 on Saturday 8th March 2008


Action thriller in which James Bond, equipped with an armoury of hi-tech gadgets, infiltrates a Las Vegas diamond-smuggling ring in a bid to foil a plot to target Washington with a laser in space. But as 007 prepares to tackle the evil Blofeld, the mastermind who threatens to destabilise the world, he is captivated by the delicious Tiffany Case – but is she really a double agent?

Quote from review:

“Still worth watching – the fight sequence with Bambi and Thumper is especially hilarious and the theme tune, sung by Shirley Bassey, is terrific “


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This screening on telly gives me an excuse to present you with DSB’s masterpiece:

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Next party with Tarzan?


There has been speculation in the past that DSB is booked to appear at a private party in March.

Welsh-born retired politician Michael Heseltine is having a 75th birthday party around 21st March. It’s expected to be at his home in Henley, Berkshire. By coincidence I was shopping in Henley on Saturday.

He is well known as a great fan of Shirley.

DSB is a friend of this multi-millionaire Tory Grandee. She sang at the anniversary party of his publishing company, Haymarket, last year.

There were reports on this blog at the time.

I can’t get a ticket or even more information. Haymarket’s public relations office were unfriendly, saying it was a private party i.e. none of any DSB fan’s business. Give us a break! We’re only poor little fans like Michael 🙂

If anyone gets any info, gossip or inside edge to this story please let us other fans know. We’re totally in the dark.

If you can get me two tickets you will be adored forever!

Read about Tarzan here if you want to…