Diamonds on Saturday


Cover of 1998 Diamond Tour Programme

FILM: Diamonds Are Forever

 ITV1 London at 17:15 on Saturday 8th March 2008


Action thriller in which James Bond, equipped with an armoury of hi-tech gadgets, infiltrates a Las Vegas diamond-smuggling ring in a bid to foil a plot to target Washington with a laser in space. But as 007 prepares to tackle the evil Blofeld, the mastermind who threatens to destabilise the world, he is captivated by the delicious Tiffany Case – but is she really a double agent?

Quote from review:

“Still worth watching – the fight sequence with Bambi and Thumper is especially hilarious and the theme tune, sung by Shirley Bassey, is terrific “


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This screening on telly gives me an excuse to present you with DSB’s masterpiece:

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