Charity shoes reminder

There’s only a day left for you to bid on DSB’s signed shoes that she donated to a wonderful charity

The current bid is £51 which is frankly pitiful!

So come on, collectors, get the bidding party started.

You can bid from anywhere in the world – they will ship them to you. 

Please click here to see the page 

GTPS USA release March 18




Fresh from Camp DSB, the official web site, comes this message:


We know that all you American fans have been waiting so patiently to get the DSB party started on your side of the Atlantic. Well, the wait is over – three fantastic new remixes of Get The Party Started by Chris Cox are currently riding high on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Charts at number 13 and Dame Shirley is thrilled with her latest achievement.


The party starts here!


CLICK HERE to download the Chris Cox Mixes from iTunes today


The Chris Cox Mixes of Get The Party Started are available to download from the USA iTunes store. Don’t worry if you don’t live in the USA as these new remixes will also be available to download from the DSB Website next week and later this month from the UK iTunes store as well as many other popular download sites.


Please spread the word and tell all your friends in the US and help DSB get into the main Billboard chart too. This will help bring attention to the Get The Party Started album release in the USA on 18th March, which is less than a fortnight away.


CLICK HERE to pre-order the USA album from Amazon


Love to one and all from Camp DSB

2006 tour photo


Hey Jude in Cardiff


Come with me to the Cardiff International Arena in 1994

It seems like yesterday!

I was there and DSB was outstanding.

Her home crowd just love her to pieces.

Well, every audience does!

Click here to na-na-na nanana-na

Thanks to Pieter