Concert in Germany


Can I Touch You There / He Kills Everything You Love 

Two fabulous songs. One fabulous gown!

Spoil yourself with this video from German TV 1996…

Thanks to Pieter

Can I Touch You There
Written by Michael Bolton / Robert John Lange.

Released on the 1996 album The Show Must Go On.
Previously sung by Michael Bolton.

He Kills Everything You Love
Written by Peter Bischof-Fallenstein / Curt Cress / Chris Weller

Theme of the German TV series “Die Gang” (The Gang). Released in 1996 with different versions on the soundtrack Maxi-CD and the original soundtrack album, and also on the 1996 album The Show Must Go On.The broadcasting of the 12 part TV series started January 7th, 1997, though the soundtrack was published the year before.