Countdown to 18th


Celebrating N0. 10 in the Billboard dance chart

and the album to be released on 18th March

Birmingham clips


During the magnificent 2006 UK concert tour, Dame Shirley was on outstanding form.

Many fans said that she was as good as ever.

No film of the tour survives, even though a team of TV cameras were used for the screens either side of the stage. Nobody thought of switching on a recorder to keep it for posterity.

 A ‘Best of 2006’ DVD would Surely have sold well.

But I have a few mini clips. They are amateur, low res, rough and shakey, but better than nothing.

Here’s a repost of my Birmingham NEC clips. They are .wmv files and take a minute or so to download, and then should play automatically.

More soon!

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Project Bond


Above : Pinewood Studios

As fans, we are entitled to try some sort of means to suggest DSB sing another Bond theme.

Nobody’s sure of the best way to tackle this. If you have any ideas please holler!

I don’t think that channeling a campaign through this blog would carry enough clout.

The legions of Bond fans have made it clear that they want DSB back.

I agree with Robert that possibly the most active approach would be to invite DSB fans to write directly to the Bond producers. A small avalanche of snail-mail from all around the world might have more impact, and be more personal.

Here’s the address Robert has for EON Productions …

EON Productions

Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Road

 Iver Heath
Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH
Probably should address it to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.
For all we know it might have already been decided.
Or DSB might not want to do it.

Anyway, nobody can fault us for trying!
Info on EON:


Ivan’s T-shirt 2

Get me, Shirley!


Following on from yesterday’s page…

Here’s Superfan Ivan wearing his T-shirt at Wembley, and carrying the bouquet of flowers he gave her at the stage

When she saw the T-shirt, Dame Shirley interrupted the show to say she thought it was fabulous. She wants one!

Ivan will send her a copy. It might go with the Glasto wellies 🙂