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Promoting the release of the new album in the USA

Get The Party Started hits the record shops on 3/18


Thanks to Ivan who says that everyone is talking about Obama, Clinton and McCain.

“We have the solution!  No Barack, No Hillary, No John… THE DAME!”

So now we have a campaign to conquer America … and the Number One on Billboard’s album chart!

With Princess Margaret


Thanks to Gary for this photo from yesteryear

The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (1930 – 2002) was the younger sister of Elizabeth II. She held the title Countess of Snowdon by marriage.

Princess Margaret was always a controversial member of the British Royal Family. As a young woman, she was a figure of glamour in post-war Britain and the Commonwealth. However, her private life was plagued by romantic disappointments, including her politically-thwarted love for a divorced older man in her youth, a subsequent, often unhappy marriage to a commoner, an acrimonious divorce beset with accusations of adultery, and, in her later years, a public affair with a much younger man.

Corrie’s DSB medley


Coronation Street star Antony Cotton entertained 250 guests with a Shirley Bassey medley at the Manchester Hilton.

It was a fundraising ball for the new Childrens Hospital Appeal.

Corrie co-star Tupele Dorgu also sang. They were among a host of celebrities and wellwishers supporting this worthy cause. 

Please click here to see the details in the Manchester Evening News

DSB undies

(Non DSB)


Thanks to Bigspendah, here’s a link to pictures of Australian models in DSB underwear!

Please click here to see the hot bods

(It’s BONDS underwear really. It’s just a coincidence that it reads DSB.)