Diamonds Ballet

From the Italian TV station Rai Due

A beautiful ballet interpretation of Dame Shirley Bassey’s remix

Diamonds Are Forever

Thanks to Ivan


John Barry’s Knighthood

Promising news from No. 10 Downing Street in response to the e-petiton to nominate the great composer John Barry for a Knighthood.

Please click on this link:

This was promoted on blog page dated 16th December 2007, link below:

Thank you to all the fans of DSB who took the trouble to add your names to the petition.

Let’s hope it ends with recognition for this exceptionally talented, quietly spoken gentleman.

Thanks to Bigspendah for all your help

(Non DSB) Boy George

(Non DSB)

From Steve comes this video – Boy George singing ‘Il Adore’. 

 It makes a change!


“Hi Peggy

Hope you are well, I’m still loving my daily dose of Bassey on your blog.

 I’ve attached a YouTube clip. It’s of no DSB relevance whatsoever but I’ve finally got to grips with transferring VHS to DVD to upload and add this performance from many years ago.

I was so excited I thought I’d share it with you!

Very best wishes


Fraudster hurts charity

From: Vanessa Langford, Sense Ambassador Relations Manager

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008


Dear Peggy,

I’m contacting you from Sense the national deafblind charity.

I contacted you recently about a celebrity auction of stars clothes including a pair of signed Dame Shirley Bassey Shoes, which you very kindly put on your website.

Unfortunately although the auction was promising to be a great success, I am very sad to inform you that Sense has been the victim of an ebay scam.

I’d be really grateful if you could post the below item on your site.

Best wishes,




Criminal bids halts celebrity auction


An online celebrity auction including a signed pair of Dame Shirley Bassey shoes will be repeated for a second time after eBay cancelled it due to criminal bids.


As the auction was closing on Friday (7th March) for the top five items totaling £5,235, eBay ended all bids when it transpired that the lead bidder turned out to be a fraudulent bidder using a stolen eBay identity.


According to Jane Arnell of Sense –


“We are absolutely appalled this crime has taken place. These vital funds could have been spent on much needed holidays for five deafblind children.


Second time around potential bidders will be asked to provide a form of upfront identification to be pre-approved. It’s a simple procedure and we hope it doesn’t stop people from bidding again.”


To bid in the auction, visit


The items in question were an army fatigue jacket from Rupert Grint, a T-shirt and waistcoat combo from Emma Watson, Shirley Bassey’s signed stage shoes, a signed Versace leather jacket from Kevin Spacey, latex gloves and stockings from singer Roisin Murphy.

Sense, 101 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9LG Tel: 0845 127 0060


The above relates to blog page dated 4th March

This appalling fraud has been a blow to the charity, but I hope any DSB fans who were bidding on the failed auction will now renew their interest and bid again.