Charming radio interview


Hope you were able to hear DSB’s radio interview today.

The Internet link worked perfectly, as previously published.

She was in London, being interviewed from America.

It was about 45 minutes into the programme’s broadcast, her first public appearance of 2008.

Nothing new, no surprises, but DSB was in great form cracking jokes.

She even hoaxed the interviewer when she said she was a lonely old lady. As if!

Plenty of promotional clips from the album too.

It will be available to hear again from archive, and the link will be added when confirmed.

Lots of fun, mischief and laughter. Let’s hope this is DSB out of hibernation 🙂

More from USA


I have a feeling this blog will explode next week from all the frenzy in America! 🙂

Here’s a link to a good new article written on the NPR web site…


Bassey’s big, brassy voice has retained its wide range and resonance, even though she hasn’t cut a new studio record in 10 years.

“I was coaxed into it,” Bassey admits, “by a couple of rock chicks, who thought they would make me a rock chick by doing this.” The “chicks” were Nikki Lamborn and Catherine Feeney from the group Never the Bride.

Bassey, who was 70 at the time, thought the two women might have a good idea on their hands.

“I thought maybe I could use a change,” Bassey says. “But I didn’t know it would be that much of a change. I keep trying to put a spoke in the wheel, but they keep coming up with something new.”


NTB rock!

DSB on radio – continued


Further to today’s earlier page containing the web link to Dame Shirley’s interview on American Public Service Radio…

Please check the earlier page for timings etc

More information about the Internet broadcast, just in from Gary…


I went on the link to WYNC and tested out the “live stream”.


It does work. It plays through Windows Media Player.


There is a red border box on the left of the page that is headed by “Listen Live”.


I clicked on the Windows 20K and the program that was listed as on the air started playing through my Windows Media Player. Golly!


This is a modern version of “short wave”. Too bad my Dad isn’t alive to see this. He loved short wave and had a really nice Hallicrafters receiver in the back room of his radio/tv repair shop.


Check out “Car Talk” at 11:00 AM EST. If you or anyone in your family is into cars, you will probably “get a kick” out of it (sounds like something Shirley may have sung…).


Enjoy the show! Gary”


Thanks again, Gary. Let’s VROOM!


Charity handbag


Dame Shirley has expressed her generosity yet again with another donation to a charity auction.

This time it’s an evening bag given to a massive online auction with 71 celebrity Lots.

All to repair the roof of this beautiful church:


St Michael The Archangel

The people at Llanyblodwel have clearly done a great deal of work to get this auction started.

Click here to visit the fantastic auction

 This message was received from Becky:

Dame Shirley has kindly sent us one of her handbags, signed, to auction off in our celebrity auction to raise money for the local church roof repairs, here in Llanyblodwel. We are sending the link to the web page to everyone we know in the hopes of finding someone who would love to own it! Could you help by advertising the link some how? It seems such a waste of a gift not to find a good home for it!
Many thanks,
Becky Hunt

Delighted, Becky. Good luck!


Llanyblodwel is in the borough of Oswestry in the county of Shropshire.

The ward covers the villages of Pant, Llynclys, Porth-y-waen and Llanyblodwel, as well as half of Nantmawr and the English half of Llanymynech, and contains the two parishes of Llanyblodwel and Llanymynech and Pant. Despite being in England, almost without exception the villages and other settlements are named in Welsh, a vestige of the area’s history as part of neighbouring Wales.