Hello America!

Don’t be a party -pooper!


Calling all you wonderful Americans!

Dame Shirley Bassey reached N0. 6 last week in the Billboard Hot Club Dance chart…

Buy your copy today and help it go higher!

This is the feel-good song that everyone loves.

In 2008 you can boost your parties, barbecues, discos and any fun-filled social event with the perfect ear-candy song:


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Review from USA


 Another album review from America: 

“Some singers need to reinvent themselves every few years or so. There is Madonna whose image changes have ranged from the hussy to the housewife and a whole variety of Kylie’s over the years. The girl from Tiger Bay has never had to do that. A single classy but timeless image is all that Shirley Bassey has ever needed. The new release of her first new album in eight years March 18 should indicate that she is still on form, if not better than ever. Shouldn’t it?”

The review continues – please click here

Promo Week



OK we all need to promote GTPS to the MAX this week!

1). All fans want the Chris Cox Remixes to go from Number Six to Number One!

2). All fans want the album to be launched successfully, and ascend in the USA chart.

So it’s all hands on deck. If you’re in America please tell all your friends.

Request your radio station to play it.

If you’re a DJ or radio station, get it on the turntable.

It’s a song that makes everyone feel good.

Help make it a fairytale week for Dame Shirley.

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San Remo discovered


Great news for fans of Sixties Shirley.

A rarity has been found!

That’s the missing part of the video from the San Remo song contest.

Shirley’s astounding performance of La Vita.

Totally unmissable.

Previously mentioned here on 28th February:


Click on the YouTube link that Gary’s given below, and let the video load.

Shirley is on at 4’22” into the 6’18” long video.


“Hi Peggy,

Looks like someone found the balance of La Vita from San Remo 1968
(Shirley is at the end of the clip):


I like the Paul Anka part. I’ll have to show this clip to my wife.
She was a big Paul Anka fan when she was a teenager ( just last week).
This is a better quality clip.

 I noticed that some camera shots are different from the partial clip that was posted a few weeks ago suggesting that multiple recordings were being made or she did morethan one performance, although I thought Shirley only did oneperformance.

From what I read Shirley was paid $15,000 for this performance.

Bye for now.