Five Live


As previously blogged, DSB has reached No. 5 in the American Dance Chart.

A small step from No. 6 last week but a giant leap for Shirley’s presence in the USA.

Will it go higher next week?

Chanel No. 5 is DSB’s (and my) favourite perfume.

Nicole Kidman must like it too. 

New York State of Mind


# It was so easy living day by day
Out of touch with the rhythm and blues
And now I need a little give and take
The New York Times
The Daily News #

Appropriate lyrics for this past week of American newspaper reviews…


# But I’m taking a Greyhound
On the Hudson River Line
I’m in a New York state of mind #

Followed by If And When, and Just The Way You Are


Thanks to my wonderful friend Pieter, glad you’re back online after your computer crash.

It’s happened to almost all of us! So far, Windows Vista seems more reliable.


If And When is from this exquisite 1982 album:


1. All By Myself
2. Solitaire
3. This Masquerade
4. He’s Out Of My Life
5. Don’t Cry Out Loud
6. If And When
7. New York New York (So Good They Named It Twice)
8. Goldfinger


150,000 hits

Thank you to every visitor for helping to clock up 150,000 visits since September’s switch to WordPress.

Whoopee! That’s 300,000 a year!


Don’t forget it’s just as much your blog, so send in anything you like.

Well I mean anything to do with DSB and good music!

Please enjoy your stay.

With warmest wishes, Peggy



(Non DSB) Diana in Liverpool


(Non DSB)

Diana Ross is on at the 10,000-seater Liverpool Echo Arena

Saturday 12 July 2008

Click here for box office

Michael Ball is on Saturday 19th July, and Michael Buble Sunday 20th July.

Plenty of other stars at this year’s Liverpool Pops Season.

But no Shirley 😦