Is DSB up to something?


Speculation and rumour have always been an unashamed indulgence here!

(Glastonbury started as a rumour). 

Dame Shirley is an enigmatic diva.  We all love to guess what’s next.

Everything is a bonus.

Mike Dixon is her distinguished Musical Director.

A lovely man I was thrilled to meet in Wales. He said he likes this blog.

So special thanks to Peter for this Easter scoop…


“Just been looking at Mike Dixon’s website at his diary it looks as if
Dame Shirley is up to something. Let`s hope a tour is on the cards!
This is what’s on the site:

 ” Some interesting projects with DSB to come
– watch this space! ”

Have a good Easter.



See for yourself:


Never Grande

Compare and contast these two wonderful versions of the same song!

Never Never Never has featured here before, and you can’t keep a great song down.

Here’s DSB on BBC1 in 1979:

And here is Mina, the Italian superstar, singing Grande Grande Grande on Rai Uno in 1972:

Joy from Hope

kiisfm.gifFrom Los Angeles, Hope is requesting a radio station to play Shirley:


Dear Peggy,


Number 5 !!! ……..Shirley and Camp DSB must be ecstatic!…….That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!…….Woooooo!……..Onward & upward!……..


I just called L.A. station KIIS.FM (the radio station for which Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, is the morning DJ).


Girl Power – Victoria Beckham visits Ryan Seacrest at KIIS.FM

Since it’s the afternoon, a female DJ answered and I requested “Get the Party Started by Shirley Bassey”.


She said “OK, will see what we can do”.


So, I’m listening for it!…….Right now they’re playing all kinds of rap and hip-hop, YAWN……


I love the blog, I’m like a kid in a candy store!

May you have a Blessed Easter,



Thanks Hope, we all feel like that about No. 5…


Glad you are enjoying my candy store!


(Non DSB) Moscow Folk Ballet

(Non DSB)


A treat for Easter if you like Dance…

The Moscow Folk Ballet perform their amazing Marta’s Dance, as the guest act on Riverdance:–Jo