Official DSB update


Reproduced below is a new message from the good folk at DSB’s official web site:

“A huge thank you to everyone who has been spreading the news that Get The Party Started has been released in the USA. The album has been getting lots of press and very positive reviews but we still need the help of DSB’s fans to give the album a kick start so please keep on spreading the word. Here are just a few of the great quotes that have come out of the press this week:

“Bassey Returns with a Thrilling Party” (RIVER CITIES’ READER)

“Forget solar panels, windmills and ethanol. If we want to find the greatest natural alternative power source on earth, we should simply harness the lungs of Shirley Bassey.” (DAILY NEWS)

“Bassey, 71, sounds like a 20-year-old, proving yet again that age is just a number and experience trumps youth every time” (COURIER JOURNAL)

“Looking as ravishing and singing as pungently as she did in the ’60s… few could stay off the dance floor when she reworks Pink’s “Get the Party Started.” (SEATTLE PI)

“Pink’s girls’-night out hit gets a brassy treatment from the “Diamonds Are Forever” dame. And it works!” (BLENDER)

If you’ve not ordered the album yet, Amazon have a special price of $9.99 for a limited period only and if you buy a couple of extra copies for friends you can even qualify for free shipping! If you can’t wait you can always download from iTunes and many other download stores. For those of you not the click and buy types, please try to pay a visit to your record store this weekend and help the first week of release make an impression.

CLICK HERE to buy the USA album from Amazon for only $9.99
CLICK HERE to download the album from iTunes US

DSB is celebrating this Easter weekend with news that she is now at number 5 in the Billboard Hot Dance Club Charts with the Chris Cox mixes of Get The Party Started. Getting even closer to number 1 each week and a click to buy from you or your American buddies can make it happen for our darling Dame!

CLICK HERE to download the Chris Cox Mixes from iTunes USA
CLICK HERE to download the Chris Cox Mixes from the DSB Website

Dame Shirley and all her team would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

Love to one and all from Camp DSB”

Blake nominated


The 4-man classical singing group BLAKE were guest performers at DSB’s Christmas Party.

Dame Shirley absolutely adores them.


Their debut album went straight to Number One in the UK Classical album chart.

Good news just in – BLAKE have been nominated for Album of the Year at the Classical Brits.

Click here for the full story in The Herald

Promo videos:


Think No. 1


Now, THAT is a look!  

Here is a nice image of Shirley.

OK. Think number ONE for this week. It is possible!



Gay Wedding Album

From Taylor in Los Angeles


“Hey what’s up?

I came across your website while searching for Shirley Bassey and I think it’s really cool.

I work with a record label that is about to release a very unique record called “The Gay Wedding Collection.” I thought you might be interested because it includes a beautiful string quartet tribute to Shirley Bassey’s song “Where Do I Begin?”

I think fans would be interested in hearing about this unique CD.

It would be awesome if you would mention it on your site.

You can check out more information and audio samples on our site:

Please let me know what you think!

Taylor Loftin

Online Marketing

Vitamin Records

Los Angeles, CA”


Thanks Taylor.

That’s a great album and equally good at straight weddings!

Your label and varied catalogue is excellent.

Vitamin Records can ship internationally.