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(Non DSB)


Here is something very special, showing yet again how talented and creative many DSB fans can be.

 Steve, who is a mega-superfan of DSB, kindly sent me an amazing video.

It’s of his astonishing 1997 performance on Stars In Their Eyes, the ITV talent show in which contestants impersonate showbiz stars.

Enjoy watching Steve’s tribute to the popular British camp comedian Julian Clary here:

(Non DSB)



Click here for an explanation of the show

The programme is currently ‘taking a break’, but has not yet been cancelled.

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Steve kindly send some interesting info about his Julian experience ‘behind the door’  

Hi Peggy,

It was aired on March 22nd 1997, filmed in November the year before.

I didn’t win, was beaten to it by Louis Armstrong but it was an AMAZING experience! I had applied in 1995 and reached the final auditions but didn’t get through as they thought it was too risque!

The following year I had a phone call ( which I thought was a wind-up) inviting me onto the show.

There was several dance rehearsals in London, the recording of the backing track at Wembley studios and costume fittings followed by a day and half rehearsals at Granada Manchester followed by the filming. They filmed the interview and performance twice for each contestant to get the best angles etc.


Matthew Kelly was fantastic, down to earth, full of jokes and made everyone feel like a friend within 5 minutes.

It was like being in a dream doing the show, the make up costume and dancers were great and walking out of those famous doors was unreal, it actually felt like being a star!

I recall when the votes were coming in none of us cared who won.

There was myself and lookalikes for these stars:


Louis Armstrong


Alanis Morisette (who had a big hit at the time)


Mick Jagger


 Marie Fredriksson from Roxette

As they added up the votes we were out the back singing ‘New York, New York’, arms linked and high kicking until the producer told us to at least try and look anxious about the result!

It was a thrill and an honour to appear and something I will always remember. I remember seeing my pic in the Radio Times listings, the local paper several times and having the TV review in the Sun describe my performance as ‘astonishing’ which I don’t really think I deserved but made me very happy! I actually cried watching it on TV for the 1st time as I was so happy and couldn’t believe it was me I was watching!

My mum, dad, sister and brother in law to be were in the audience. My dad was especially pleased when, during filming Matthew asked him, “What did you think of that?”  My dad replied, “Yeah it was good”. Matthew replied “Good??? It was bloody brilliant!” – edited out of the transmitted episode obviously.

As a contestant I was invited to the final and saw 15 year-old Faye Dempsey win as Olivia Newton-John, she was sensational! I voted for her 5 times during the break!

Ahhh the memories….

Very best wishes, Steve


Brilliant, Steve. As Julian would say, “I thank you.”


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