Higher than Five?


Dame Shirley is curently No. 5 in the American Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Who knows where GTPS will be later this week?

No. 5 is a huge achievement.

Click here to see the chart.

It will change on Thursday/Friday.

Thanks to all the American fans for making this a hit.

Shirley is amazed, and naturally over the moon!

Marchesa in Vogue


The designer label worn by DSB at last October’s Fashion Rocks show is deservedly doing well.

Marchesa are launching a bridal line next month, for spring and summer weddings.

So if you’re a girl getting married this year, you can wear a gown from designers favoured by the Dame.

Link here to the news in Vogue 

Now this gives me an excuse, if any is needed, to revisit that evening at the Royal Albert Hall.

It was the latest singing appearance by DSB, proving she’s still got it.

In spite of blowing a lyric in Big Spender. I think that was because she was looking at the above gown being paraded before her. It was enough to put any fashionista off her lines 🙂  


 Blog pages about the Marchesa girls:


 The Fashion Rocks video is on this page:


Mikey Mike’s slide show Number 2


… and so it goes on. There is tons about Fashion Rocks in October 2007’s pages.


Mike Dixon wondering if he’ll get a kiss too


Thanks to Mikey Mike for the screenshots

Chris Rea and Shirley

Dame Shirley decribing how she met Chris Rea on a plane, and later agreed to appear in La Passione.

#Yes, I own a Ferrari…#

Chris Rea 3 of 3

And finally, here’s part 3 of the conversation with petrolhead Chris Rea.

(No DSB in this part)

#Shirley, do you own a Ferrari?#

Thanks to Pieter.