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Dame Shirley Bassey arrives at the 2008

Monte Carlo Rose Ball


This year’s theme : ‘Movida’


Held at The Sporting Monaco on March 29, 2008 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.




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What is ‘Movida’?

La Movida Madrileña (English: The Madrid movement) was a sociocultural movement that took place in Madrid during the first ten years after the death of Francisco Franco in 1975 and represented the economic rise of Spain and the new emerging Spanish cultural identity. This hedonistic and cultural wave, also took place in other Spanish urban centres, such as Barcelona, Bilbao or Vigo.




Bal de la Rose Movida
Salle des Etoiles – Sporting Monte-Carlo
Saturday March 29th, 2008

Under the Presidency of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince Albert II and Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover, in aid of the Fondation Princesse Grace. This year, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover, President of the Fondation, has chosen the “Movida” theme.

Spain will be spotlighted and, in particular, the extraordinary chapter in its history which saw ethics and arts explode in an extraordinary renaissance. “Movida” is an artistic movement in Spain, dating from the 1980s, which swept away several decades of oppression.

Fiery, exuberant, creative… the young of Spain really know how to let off steam. Culture is getting carried away in an iconoclast and brightly coloured renaissance movimiento: the “Movida Madrileña”. A newly found freedom of expression sweeps away all the taboos and changes social behaviour: everyone is wearing trendy clothes, going out, having fun, wearing disguises, dancing, loving and living! Meeting places flourish, nightlife sparkles in a hedonism which is at times excessive. Everywhere, young creators find ways of expressing themselves. Their provocative and unfettered creations shake up the boundaries between culture for the masses and elitist culture.

The Movida is associated closely with several important personalities, innovative artists and leaders in the great cultural shake-up. “King” Pedro Almodóvar capsulates single-handedly this strong innovative movement. He is the genius creator of films about moral liberation, dealing with themes such as homosexuality, transsexualism, drugs and life in the artistic milieu. His films are shown all over the world and his favourite actresses are sailing along in the wake of his glory: Victoria Abril, Carmen Maura, Rossy de Palma and Penelope Cruz.

Perched on high platform shoes, his “Queen” Fabio McNamara is the perfect incarnation of Madrid’s party animals of the 1980s. Another hugely iconic figure of this over-excited Spain is Olvido Gara, better known as Alaska. Considered as the “muse of the Movida”, the punk rocker made a huge impact on modern music in Spain, with bands including Kaka de Luxe, Los Pegamoides and Dinarama.

A bevy of other artistes symbolise this fantastic effervescence: Mecano, Radio Futura, Nacha Pop and Tino Casal in the world of music, filmmakers such as Eloy de la Iglesia and Fernando Trueba with his movie “Ópera prima”. And, of course, novelist and poet Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, creator of Detective Pepe Carvalho, cartoonists Javier Mariscal and Ceseepe, painters Juan Carrero and Enrique Naya, known as the “Costus Brothers”, photographers Miguel Trillo and Ouka Lele, who has become one of Spain’s most internationally renowned contemporary artistes.
The tribute to Pedro Almodóvar will involve several artistes who knew him and who represent Spain from the 1980s to today.

It is the ambience of today’s Spain – joyous, impassioned and uplifted – that will bewitch the stage on the famous Monegasque peninsula on 29th March 2008. It promises to be an evening of gaiety, rhythm and emotion.
For one hundred and fifty years, Monte-Carlo S.B.M. has created unique moments by combining know-how and the culture of excellence. The legendary Monegasque resort offers its chic and cosmopolitan clients a perfect alchemy between first-rate talents and the soul of remarkable venues.

Bal de la Rose Movida
Black tie – Evening Gown
Champagne dinner, show, tombola, dancing
Price per person : 750 €
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