The Rhythm Divine


From Swiss Music, a short interview with Yello and Dame Shirley, followed by the song.

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First released in 1987, Shirley Bassey sings the vocals to this track in a collaboration with Swiss band Yello. The music is by Yello, a band consisting of Boris Blank and Dieter Meier with backing vocals recorded by co-writer Billy MacKenzie. The vocals were recording at Yello’s studio in Zurich.


(Non-DSB) Mike Smith


Mike was the keyboardist, centre

From the Los Angeles Times:

Mike Smith, the lead singer and face of the Dave Clark Five, died on Thursday at the age 64 of pneumonia.

During his career he produced records for Shirley Bassey, according to the obituary.

Does anyone know which recordings?

At its height, the pop group were nearly as big as the Beatles.

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