Shirley sings the next Bond!

If this is right, it’s a dream come true!

So far this has not been confirmed by any other source: 



“Hi Peggy,
Now it’s official. Shirley and Bono (U2) are going to sing the new James Bond Theme.

That’s from Google News here in Germany.

That’s the best news ever in the last months.



The source of this SCOOP is in German on this link:


New portrait

Just arrived from Rhodri, a new portrait by Paul.

It goes to prove that DSB’s fans include many creative and talented people.


Her Name Was Lola


Click here for Love Is In The Air (in hot pants) and Copacabana (in showgirl gear)…

It’s fun, it’s Bassey!



Kylie is rumoured to have turned to Barry Manilow for inspiration for her latest tour.
The pop princess is apparently planning to sing a version of Manilow’s 1978 disco hit Copacabana “with bells on” when her tour starts next month.

Full story here


Copacabana is a disco song, sung by Barry Manilow, and written by Jack Feldman.

The song’s title refers to the famous Copacabana night club in New York City.

That’s why the lyrics say:

 “… at the Copa, Copacabana, hottest spot north of Havana .”

 Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro is of course a long way south of Cuba!

Shirley Bassey covered the song in 1979, on the double A-side single “This Is My Life”

Enjoy Barry’s original:

Let’s go hang out at the real Copacabana beach…