Gilbert Becaud’s masterpiece



(Non DSB but unmissable!)


Thanks to Emma for this stunning drama:


‘What Now My Love’ is one of Shirley’s power songs.


It was originally a French song called ‘Et Maintenant’ (“And Now”), written by Gilbert Bécaud and lyricist Pierre Delanoë.


It has been sung by many artists over the years, but here is the original.


I couldn’t believe it when I heard it! A magical performance about a man who decides to commit suicide after his lover leaves him.


Turn it up!


Bond theme confusion

Is it a dream too far?

No more news on the current speculation about DSB and Bono doing the theme to Quantum of Solace, the next James Bond movie due for release in October.

I’m even more confused by this QoS theme published on YouTube:

It’s not particularly strong. A fairly standard rock song. Not particularly bad either, but not up to the standard of excitement, adventure and drama needed for the opening credits. Is it genuine or a chancer?

And to add to the confusion, Showbiz Spy say that Amy is doing it!…

Amy Winehouse“Amy Winehouse and super-producer Mark Ronson will write and record the theme to the new James Bond film next week.

Ronson arrived at the ‘Rehab’ singer’s London home on Thursday to take her recording equipment to his country retreat — where the pair will put together the biggest song of their careers. It will feature in the 22nd Bond movie Quantum Of Solace.”


So DSB fans will just have to wait and see.

Here’s a brilliant trailer. But this again might be a fake.









Remix review

Following up from the Ligh My Fire Remix, page dated 31st March, I asked Gary, who is a professional drummer, if the drumming was synthesised or on a real drum kit.

It’s very realistic — hear for yourself by listening to the post on this link: 


“Regarding Kenny “Dope” using a drum machine on his remix of “Light My Fire”. I would say it’s a synth. Kenny is the master of “beats” and uses sampling of drum sounds. This is what the remixers do. I can tell by the sound of the cymbals on this recording that the drums are not “live”. Live cymbals have more “decay” and a smoother more brilliant sound. The cymbals on “Light My Fire” sound like they were reproduced by my Yamaha keyboard. I do like the remix, though.


The best re-mix for me is the one by The Away Team, “Where Do I Begin”. Shirley’s voice was not mixed down. I love the “cut time” high hat during the bridge and the syncopated accents by the bass drum. Also, the video is great. They really captured Shirley’s look and her moves.”


Thanks Gary, the synthesizers are getting so good these days that it’s increasingly difficult to tell them from real instruments.

Bassey Bonding with Bono?

It’s still only speculation, folks.

We need independent verification of the report (on a German site) that DSB will sing the next 007 theme with Bono!

Nothing so far has appeared on the ‘Quantum of Solace’ web site or any of the James Bond fan sites.

So if any fan  hears more please let us know – thousands of DSB fans are ((( trembling ))) in anticipation! 🙂


Peter sums it up well below:

“Great news (if true) about Dame Shirley and Bono.  He has form with Bond songs having written ‘Goldeneye’ for Tina Turner.

As you may recall, they both attended the ‘Unite for a Better World’ Gala Dinner last year in Monte-Carlo for Nelson Mandela’s charities.


If what is reported is true, they’ve clearly decided to ‘Unite for a Better Bond Song’!!”


The Gala Dinner was covered on a blog page dated 4th September 2007: