Ve haff vays of making you laugh!

The Austrian rumour that DSB and Bono were doing the next Bond was, as suspected… a hoax.

An Aprils Fool Joke. Achtung! Aprilscherz!

The Austrian sense of humour.

Now it has been confirmed that Amy Winehouse will sing the the title song for the next Bond adventure.

Here’s the confirmation (in German) – Clicken Sie Hier

Oh well, we do get all the speculation here. Occasionally they turn out to be true.

And now, Meine Damen und Herren,  Astrid has sent a medley of truthful German news sites confirming Amy:

Frankfurter Allgemeiner newspaper

Gay Hamburgers

Movies Berlin


Can you imagine DSB singing a song with # Quantum Of Solace #

in the lyrics?


Anime Diamonds

And now for something completely… weird!

If you’re familiar with Japanese Anime cartoons you’ll recognise the style.

If you’re not, don’t worry about it.

Just wait until 1’48” into the film for crystal clear audio of DAF.

# Unlike men the diamonds linger #