Hope for GTPS

# I’ll be looking flashy in my Mercedes-Benz #


We have three hopes. No hope, Bob Hope, and superfan Hope! 🙂

Here’s her welcome idea from California that comes in a week when the Dance version of GTPS slipped from No. 3 to No. 8 in the Hot Club Dance chart:


“I think that the GTPS single off the CD is a much better version
of the song and should be released as a SINGLE for the SINGLE charts.
Warmest Regards,

A good point. A lot of thought went into the Chris Cox mixes, and the strategy paid off in that genre.

Perhaps now DSB has a foothold, she can move on to the conventional pop chart.

The Billboard Hot 100 is of course THE biggie in pop charts.

Leona Lewis got to No. 1 (now No. 2) as previously covered here.

Current No. 1 is Mariah Carey ‘Touch Ny Body’ with its naughty lyrics and hot video:



… in the 1960’s they censored some of DSB’s gowns in the USA for being too revealing!