Gig gossip

A glimmer of hope for all fans desperate for any DSB appearance in 2008:

“Hi Peggy,
I heard on BBC Breakfast today (from Ian Fleming’s neice) that there is to be a James Bond Gala in London on 30 Sept 2008 at either the Royal Festival Hall or the Royal Albert Hall (can’t remember which!). Thought this would be an obvious gig for DSB – wondered if you had heard anything.

Thanks for an extremely informative and entertaining website!


Thanks Andrew for the SCOOP!

We’d better not get carried away until more information arrives!


Sin Ti (Without You)

From the Spanish language album ‘La Mujer’

A sensitive masterpiece, with a beautiful gallery from ‘Jeffers1961’

(Non DSB) Air Supply

(Non DSB)

‘Without You’ is a magnificent song that has been features here before.

DSB’s version is the best.

Here’s a version from a group called Air Supply:

Thanks to Gazz90


“The best popular Welsh song ever written. Composed by Peter Ham and Tom Evans of the South Wales band Badfinger. The group was totally ripped off by their management and the song was handed over to Harry Nilsson who made it a world wide hit. The record company refused to credit Ham and Evans for this song for many years and they both subsequently killed themselves due to dire financial hardship and legal problems. This is yet another version of the song performed by Air Supply.”

Boot camp

One day it’s summer, next day it’s hailstorms.

At night you have to protect your hanging petunias from frost!

So that’s typical British spring weather. We’re used to it.

The best footwear for sloshing through puddles, walking the dog and other animals, keeping your tootsies dry, are not Jimmy Choo shoes.

It’s tough wellies you need, but not boring farmer’s boots.

Glam Bassey Boots, as worn at Glasto!

So a little promo for Funky Welly Boots…

If you want extra sparkle, add genuine Swarovski crystals, Get them custom made to your design from: