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From November 1973 British Tour




Tallulah 3 final


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More about fabulous Tallulah.

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Tallulah is currently mixing her Debut Record, Libellus with Marius De Vries (Bjork) and is beginning to plan her 2008 Tours.


Already scheduled is a performance in South Africa at South African Humorist and Political Activist Pieter Dirk Uys’ theatre in the Cape.



Tallulah founded Transducer Records, with the backing of Australian Film Producer Rebel Penfold Russell, (Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, Frauds, A Pocketful of Minties), and began work on her Debut Record with Marius De Vries, at Urchin Studios and The Strongrooms in London.


Whilst most of 2007 was spent in the studio: writing, arranging, rehearsing and producing, Tallulah did perform at some key shows, including as sole singer at Shirley Bassey’s 70th birthday party at Cliveden.


 This performance also lead, an “impressed”, former Radio One DJ Mike Read choosing Tallulah’s song Black Seagull as one of his TOP 40 favourite tracks.


Tallulah also performed solo on the Main Stage at The Secret Garden Party, In the City, Tour dates Launch Night and at Sunrise Celebration, where she was spotted by Louise Garrett.



A productive and successful year with numerous gigs at ever-more prestigious venues and festivals, culminating with the release of her first EP, Without Time and performing the music track for the Short Film Alex’s Party.




Gill Mill from Sound Control Magazine listed Tallulah Rendall as ‘some of the best new music on the web’, and has also featured Tallulah on her icast show http://www.btpodshow.com/music/?artist_id=8447



Alex Lewczuk – Station manager Southside Broadcasting/University of 

Tallulah’s work is a genuinely unique mix of sublime musical magic “

Designer Savannah Miller

words cannot describe the haunting beauty of your voice and the soothing of
 the soul that your lyrics bring… it is utter magic and by God you can rock girl…

James Hurrell (Monkey See Monkey Do)

Tallulah’s voice is strong, haunting and clear. Her music melodic, powerful and intoxicating. She’s an uncompromising, grab-you-by-the-balls-and-make-you- say-thank you rare work of genius.”

Burn Magazine gave Without Time 4 stars (out of 5)

Being as how we don’t play with EPs and singles, this little gem
 appears here (in the “cool” section) on the grounds of being 
played to death and deserving of more than just a mention. 
 If there’s a record company with some balls out there, this 5 track EP 
should make them sit up for long enough to get their pens out because 
it sweeps up your spine with a feather – no mean feat when your spine
 is normally harder than Wolverines. 

 Trying to avoid phrases like sexual and haunting is hard work when
 that’s what you are getting from every track – Black Seagull and No Use
 are particularly doing a number on me. 
One day, Jools Holland will say great things about Tallulah.


Steve Teers – Producer/director, Diva Pictures

“Tallulah has a raw energy and an honest, intimate

tone. Her songs are crafted meticulously and delivered

with a genuine passion.”






  Justin Stoneman Tour Dates Magazine

Minus her rolling band of London’s top session musicians Tallulah did a great one-woman job of opening the show, with her powerful.Sweet n Nasty.. vibe. Echoes of P.J. Harvey mix with a more contemporary attitudes and sounds to form something unique and strong. …. It’s music to shag to after a bizarre and dirty night out….. We Love Tallulah.’

The girl on stage had a voice that was pure and haunting (I read later on her web page that she was described as Kate Bush meets Jeff Buckley – I couldn’t put it better myself). She was called Tallulah Rendall and she had a beautiful voice that really complimented her song writing. There are big things ahead for Tallulah”.

Nicki Tibballs gave Without Time 8/10
 ‘this debut EP seems to have more of an edge compared to her contemporaries.’ http://www.neumagazine.co.uk/articles/353.html

Tallulah wrote the music for Alex’s Party which was then screened at all the main Film Festivals. For more information please visit: http://www.rebelstudio.com.au/rebelstudio/pdfs/Alex_media_kit.pdf



I hope you enjoyed meeting a talented, musical and pretty Rock Chick.  

Tallulah has a great career ahead.


Tallulah 1


I’m delighted to introduce you to Tallulah, the talented musician who sang backing vocals on DSB’s recent recordings.

 She delighted the showbiz guests when she sang at Shirley’s party in December.

She is also great friends with Never The Bride and will be on stage with theie acoustic gig at the Bull’s Head, 373 Lonsdale Road in Barnes SW13 on 28th April.



Tallulah Rendall


The Evening Standard listed Tallulah as one of the Top “Up and Coming Artists”


The voice of an angel and the guitar of the devil’: Luminaire, London


Tallulah Rendall grows with strength with every release… her debut Album proper is a realization of the sultry, subtle vocal inflections that her emphatic and stirring live show has always hinted to… an eclectic and suave effort.”

Toby L, Transgressive Records and Rockfeedback.com



 “Tallulah’s got a wonderful voice” Dame Shirley Bassey