(Non-DSB) Babes at the Bulls Head

Here are the first rushes of Monday’s music and laughter at the Bulls Head pub.

Never The Bride’s acoustic gig with special guests…

Well, only slightly amplified.

Nikki puts her mike on the bongos during a drum solo.

Bellissima, the fantastic opera trio, wowed the crowd.

More about this most beautiful group soon.

Been’s a brilliant pianist and guitarist.

Sometimes she can play both at the same time 🙂

Nikki firing on all cylinders. The human equivalent of a V12 engine!

Being attacked by a giant moth.

Tallulah got the party started with a talented cello accompanist.

Come back soon for more info and pix of this event.

DSB was going to attend, but had been rehearsing all day.

Hint, hint!


(Non DSB) Tallulah’s triumph

Before a packed crowd at the Bulls Head Jazz Room last night, Tallulah Rendall was a star.

Her sublime. angelic voice reached everyone’s heart.

She opened the Never The Bride acoustic gig with a mesmerising set of self-penned songs.

Congratulations, Tallulah!

There will be a full report on the whole delighful evening soon – with lots of hot pix, hot gossip and hot surprises!